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The Bren Lj Idol

You know you want to...

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This is a writing contest community where the entries are submitted and then posted anonymously...and voted on by community members only...no tricks...no gimmicks...no pimping...no recommended reading lists...because after all...

...it really IS just about the writing!

Can you be the last writer standing?

**Note: I'm not around on the weekends so if you submit a request to join during that time...please wait until Tuesday afternoon to be accepted**

How It Works

There is a weekly prompt...everyone submits an entry for that prompt...the entries are posted anonymously and voted on anonymously. People give constructive criticism or "notes" on the entries. As people are voted out it is revealed who wrote what. In the end there will be one writer left standing...will it be you?!

We also have a side "random writers" contest to which there is a weekly winner...(same principle except they aren't required to write every week as the contestants are)

Reasons You May Have Been Denied Membership

Mostly it's because you must have a REAL journal to participate. This means you should have a significant amount of friends (and definitely more than you have communities), the journal has to have been created some time ago (not yesterday), and you have to have a significant number of posts.

That said...if you'd like to use a creative journal to enter...that's fine...but you will need to point us in the direction of your real journal before being approved.

Sadly it has to be this way...there are just too many angry and drama laden people in the world.

The new season will begin on March 6, 2009...The community will close to new members for the duration of the season and will reopen to new members once the season is completed!


*Also please note...I'm not generally around the computer on the weekends...so if you request membership over the weekend please wait until Monday afternoon for a response! THANKS!*

**ALSO NOTE: If you'd like to participate in the process...including voting on various aspects of the contest...you should join the community as well as friend it! (and you can join the community just as a voter this round if the writing seems daunting to you!)**

Pimp us out!



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quadrati - Our official graphics maker for season 1! Check it out for badass graphics!
rebelstrike21 - Our official graphics maker for seasons 2 and 3!

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